Kaz Bennett

Primary Teacher


What exactly is student voice and why is it so important in sharing the learning journey in today’s Innovative Learning Environments? Participants will learn ways to use Prezi and personal student blogs in ways that will enable learners to:
  • Share and discuss their learning and their learning journey with whanau, families,peers and teachers.
  • Give and receive feedback on their own learning and that of their peers in respectful and appropriate ways.
  • Track their own progress in the digital world.
Participants will:
  1. Learn how to use the online presentation tool, “Prezi”
  2. Learn how to set up a system for students’ personal blogs that is both manageable and safe
  3. Discover how to manage and differentiate the use of both of these tools in a variety of learning environments from preschool to Year 13 regardless of how many devices are available
  4. Find out how to make these tools part of sharing your own professional learning journey as an educator or to use as evidence as part of your own appraisal process
Please ensure you bring a charged laptop as there are practical aspects throughout this workshop Any questions please contact Alyson – or Kaz – To register please click here…

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