Te Whanau Akoranga o Rakaihautu

The Learning Family of the Rakaihautu area

Te Whanau Akoranga o Raikaihautu

Belonging, Learning and Growing together

Celebrating our Culture, History and Environment

Create a connected community of lifelong learners with a clear identity to be proud of.

Develop a shared philosophy/vision of learning supported by curriculum and PLD for all – a beacon for others to emulate.

Our Name

Rākaihautū was a leader (kaihautū), explorer and creator who shaped the island we live in and personifies the qualities and characteristics we want to cultivate in our whānau.

Rākaihautū was the first ancestor of the Waitaha people, who are considered in Ngāi Tahu tradition to be the first tribal group to occupy Te Waipounamu. Rakaihautu lit the fires of occupation in this island. With his ko (digging stick) he carved out the lakes and rivers in Te Wai Pounamu. It was through Rākaihautū and his descendants that the land was named and therefore claimed. He was a leader (kaihautū), explorer and creator who shaped the Island we live in.

Through his explorations with his digging tool, Tuwhakarōria, he created and formed various mountains, lakes and rivers. This is depicted by the four strands within the design – moko whenua – the etchings of our ancestors on this land.

Rakaihautu shaped our world just as we encourage our tamariki and their whānau to ultimately take up their ko (digging tool) and confidently carve out new worlds for themselves.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is drawn from representatives from each of our centres and also includes lead teachers and Ministry of Education Senior Advisors: